Love day!

Valentine’s Day is one of my FAVORITE holidays!!! I love LOVE!!! Everything about love! Romance, beauty, hearts, and everything in bright colorfulness!! We made Averi’s Valentine’s Day box for Kindergarten and I am sooo in LOVE with how it turned out! I helped her by free handing some pieces for Averi to cut out! Then she glued them all on! We used a tissue box and scrapbook paper and elmers glue! It was fun! So here it is!




And it’s a girl fox!

I helped her glue on the head so that it would open for all of her valentine’s day cards!





And of course little sister Amelie wants to be JUST like big sister!! So she made her very own valentine bag! All by herself (except I helped her spell her name! )






I also signed up for the Valentine’s Day tea for her Kinder class!!! LOVE this age!! But of course waiting so last minute, all of the cute plates, cups and napkins were sold out! So I had to get creative! I bought foam cups and adhesive heart shaped 3 D stickers and stuck them onto the cups! Cute??!! I thought so! And super cheaply priced which I am a sucker for!!










Happy Valentine’s Day all of you lovers out there!! Hope your day is amazing and special just like you are!!

Sugar and spice and everything nice!

3 little girls all in one room! I shared a room with one of my sisters growing up and I’m sure she thought otherwise, but I LOVED it!! Well now my girlies all share one room! Sugar and spice and everything nice, truly describes my girlies in their birth order! The middle one is my spicy one! And I would not want it any other way! Although she is spicy, she is still very much a girly girl! She loves to do karate in the house and play with toys that she will turn into a sword, but she does it while dressed in the fanciest dress up we own, princess heels, and jewelry all over! That’s my almost 4 year old Amelie! Which I love! Averi is very girly but very simple! Averi is my oldest! She just turned 6! She has very simple taste, doesn’t need or want bows, hair done, or fancy hats! She likes it to be pretty and a gentle touch of bling! Bailey, well Bailey is 10 months old! So I suppose we won’t really know what she will be like for a little bit! Either way, whoever she chooses to be, frilly or simple, I love her! She is little miss joy! Loves to smile! With her two teeny tiny bottom teeth and the rest gums!

One thing I LOVE doing is getting crafty especially when it means decorating my little ladies room! BUT if you know me well, I do not go out and buy all new, overly priced items to accommodate my love for decorating a kids room! I am beyond frugal! I get giddy and the red stickers that say clearance on them! So here are a few of my DIY projects I have done in my little ladies room!!


First one is my up cycle of an IKEA kitchen cabinet! In there clearance section they always have a ton of cabinets that are just left overs! So I bought 3 of those cabinets! And up cycled them! Two of them were priced at $.99 cents and the other one was $1.99!! So for $4 I was able score 3 heavy duty cabinets with character!! I then went to Hobby lobby and bought these letters and painted them! Hot glued them on and bam! They look amazing! Both of these cost me less then $8 to make! Super easy and super cheaply priced!







With this next cabinet I bought two hooks form Home Depot for under $2 and a set of two of these soft bins to use for diapers and wipes from IKEA! The set was $10 which is a bit more then I typically spend, but they are well worth the price! Heavy duty, strong bins! So this cabinet project cost me about $13! It’s hung next to the changing station!!




And of course some fun bed jumping by Averi! Bailey was loving the dance moves her big sister was doing!





There’s a glimpse into the girls room!! Hope you liked it!!

Frozen Anyone??

189Well get yourself a coat and warm up with a freezing frozen Birthday party of fun!! Disney Frozen is a VERY hot (or cold since it is frozen) commodity around our house these days! With a now 6 year old, an almost 4 year old and a bubbly 10 month old, I can personally sing every song of frozen word for word! Now, don’t get too excited, because I won’t be sharing my mad singing skills! I leave that up to my husband who can actually sing and can sing REALLY REALLY well!!!

So here are a few ideas if you are like me and have girls who adore Elsa and Anna! I tell ya though, anything is better then hearing the soundtrack to doodle bops or Yo Gabba Gabba!! Disney Frozen’s soundtrack is catchy and fun and I will admit from time to time I may sing the songs without a second thought on my own!

My oldest Averi just turned 6! And she was thrilled to announce that she wanted a frozen birthday party! I, myself could not have been more thrilled at the thought because of my frugal mindset! Christmas over?! Perfect for me! 75% off, 90% of??!! I am there! So I purchased the whole party with those discounts attached to my bill! Thank you Target, Michaels and hobby lobby!!


My free handed Olaf!


Pin the Nose on Olaf

Pin the Nose on Olaf


The Gorgeous cake my mother in law made from scratch!!!! All by hand! She is amazing!!




Yes that is cheese! I used a snowflake cookie cutter and there you have it!


Using a snowflake chocolate mold I made chocolate snowflakes on a stick!



Melted snow anyone? Aka water and ice!



Do you want to build a snowman??!!





Even some snowflake crackers!!






Bailey, She’s got those angry eyes! I think she is mad her cousins stuck this huge bow in her hair!



This is the dress my mom made without a pattern!!! Amazing isn’t it?!!!!




Elsa’s braid! Done by me, mama!




The back of the gorgeous dress!!



Sisters! Elsa and Anna! Bailey didn’t want to be in the picture!



Me and my 3 baby girls!!



Made a crown for our picture time!



hmmmmm…..someone is really really good at this whole pin the nose on Olaf!






Birthday girl!! Averi (aka Elsa!)



The amazing hand painted Olaf my talented father in law created as a backdrop for pictures!!










So there you have it! With the help from my wonderful family, my mother in law who made a huge 3ft olaf cake, to my mom who designed and created a Elsa dress without a pattern, to my father in law who spent time making a huge backdrop of Olaf that looked exactly like him and my sister who allowed us to borrow her home!! Thank you all for your amazing talent and hospitality!!


Tell me what you think! Leave a comment, pin some pictures on Pinterest! And enjoy the party!


It’s a………………

Yup we are expecting another baby in march!! So we wanted to announce it in a more creative way! So here is how we announced it!!!!




Sooooooo, what do you think??!! Yup another little girl! 3 girls for us and we couldn’t be more thrilled!!

Treat or Treat? Or more Treats?

Talk about sugar over load! Halloween is where all Dental insurance companies go bankrupt, along with all parents that pay the bill, and all Dental offices make bank! You know how at Christmas most employees get a bonus check? Yeah at Halloween time, that is when Dentists get theirs! So I thought I would help contribute to their bonus and have a preschool Halloween party fixed with lots of candy and sugar! Wanna see?? Let me know what you think and leave a comment!!


Mummy wants you to drink your juice- Juice boxes


Who ya gonna call?? Ghost suckers! – Lolly pop ghosts


Every kid needs a goodie bag for pumpkin sake!


Don’t be scared to eat these spooky chips!- homemade chips by using cookie cutters and corn tortillas


Free Ghost to a good home! – little ghost bags full of popcorn and candy corn at the bottom!


Eye can see you!! – pretzels, white chocolate disks, chocolate chips and some gel makes an eyeball!


Bone Appetit! – bones made from pretzels, marshmallows, dipped in white chocolate!


Pumpkin crudite! Carrots, olives, a small piece of celery!


All wrapped up like a Mummy! – Hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls!


Tombstone bagel bites! They were supposed to be mummies! Didn’t work to well!!


Who Cut the cheese?? – Cheese cut outs in Halloween shapes!


Dirt so good, you can eat it! Dig in!- My personal childhood fav, that I had no choice but to make! Pudding, cool whip, oreos, worms!



And my sweet little girls!!! They had a fabulous time with their little friends! We played pin the mouth on the pumpkin, bean bag toss (all homemade games of course) and did face painting!! Poor sweet little peacock was not feeling well in this picture, so was not very happy about a picture being taken!




So Happy Halloween everyone! It is a very special day for me every year, because it is my birthday!! So I love Halloween!! Minus the scary stuff!!!

Turn That Frown Upside Down! Phase 2 in the Kitchen!!!

So here is Phase two of my progress thus far in the kitchen!! Curtains!!! These puppies are made out of two king sized pillow cases that I fell in love with about 6 months back! AND they only cost $2, yes only $2 for both! That means $1 per pillow case, which means a $1 per window, which means a whopping $.50 cents per panel! Whoot whoot! So I basically took each and every seam out of both pillow cases to get a 2 large pieces of fabric! I then cut down the middle of each piece to get a total of 4 pieces and folded and pinned each side of all for panels! Then took the sewing machine and went to work! I folded the top of each panel and sewed again so I could slide it easily onto my already put up curtain rods! Which I had bought when we moved in for $4 each! Or something like that! Maybe $3! So check it! Let me know what you think!!








Please excuse the mess surrounding the picture! Life happened! :)




I personally am in LOVE with how they turned out! I will show pictures soon of what it looks like from a far! PLEASE leave comments and let me know what you think!!!!

Who says grey is gloomy?! Why I say it is the new cheerful!!

So I decided that after a whole year of living with ugly peach counter tops and never really loving how my kitchen turned out, it was time for some fixin!! So I saw at Home Depot they carried a counter top paint!!! YAY!!! I was not about to put the time, energy, and money into brand new counter tops! So for $19.95 I bought it! They only had a few tints to choose from, so I went with my favorite!! GREY!!! I also have never loved the color of my kitchen, but that is for another project! For now I took all of the red out and ugly peach!! Here is my progress thus far!! Keep posted for each step of the way!!! Have a small budget?? This is for you!!! I am ALWAYS looking for ways to save a buck, but make the biggest WOW factor!!

So here is what I used!!

In Grey Mist! Oh and BEWARE this is NOT like paint!! IT DOES NOT COME OFF HANDS EASY!! Learned that the hard way and yes I shed a tear during the process of getting it off!! ALSO OPEN ALL DOORS AND WINDOWS AND LET DRY THE FULL 3 DAYS!!!

Here is before……….



Needs a paint job on the cabinets!!! Staying with white just freshened up!!



Here is the beginning stages of After………




Obviously needing some touch ups!!

Here are my ugly knobs! I thought I would like them red when I bought a big pack of ugly ones from a thrift store! But I was over them fast!!


So I took my spray paint that I had bought months ago at Habitat for Humanity Restore for a dollar just because I liked it!!

And now I LOVE my knobs again!


So here it is closer to being finished! I freshened up the white paint , but still more to go!!



Sorry for the side ways pic! But you get the idea!!!



And yes the massive mess on the stove at the moment!!


So there you have it! A cheap and easy and huge change to my kitchen!! STILL a working progress and I will post as I go until I am done!


My hope is to have my curtains that I am making (out of large pillow cases that I got 2 for $2) hung, a new back splash where the ugly tile is now, and finish the white cabinets with fresh white paint! Also, one day have a new color wall and soon have grey, and white dish towels! But for now it is a step by step project!


So far total cost:

The Counter top coating: $19.95 (Home depot)

Foam roller and roll : $4.95 (Home Depot)

Nickle spray paint: Already had Free (But a $1 at Habitat for Humanity Restore)

Knobs: Already had Free (Got at the Arc Thrift Store for like $2 for a pack of 11)

White paint: Already had and came with the house when we moved in!

Foam brush: .72 cents



Our newest Member of the fam………..

Steve! This is Steve! He is a 9 month old teacup chihuahua and a bundle of fun! He is about 3lbs full grown and we were blessed to get him for free!!! We LOVE our little Steve! We call him “Steve Holt” after one of our favorite shows “Arrested Development!!”  So happy to have a little guy in the house!!!



He needed to have a bow tie for Easter so I made him one!!

My Baby Belle is Two!!!!!

Shocking I know! I still can’t wrap my mind around my littlest turning two! Amelie Belle! Wow you have lived up to the name of my blog! “Little Bits” and even the “Giggle” part which was named because of your giggling big sister! But you sure are FULL of energy and JOY! You are my little giggler! Funny as all heck! And little tiny as ever! I was asked just yesterday if you were 18 mos! Nope two tomorrow I told her! You may be tiny, but you are a fire ball that knows what she wants! You can go from hyper to cuddling in seconds! You have this motherliness about you with everything you come into contact with! At the store yesterday you picked up the very tiniest owl figurine and gave it the sweetest and most gentle kiss! Then you ever so gently placed it back on it’s shelf! You are a nurturer! A sweet, tender hearted fire ball, full of love and compassion! Your heart is joyful always, even when you are up set! You still have this joy about you that blesses me so much! You have got to be the funniest kid I know! You make me laugh out loud on a daily basis! I love you my sweet girl! You have blessed my life, along with Daddy’s, big sister Averi’s, and all of our family and friends more then you will EVER know! I am a proud mommy! I love you my baby Belle!!


I was soooo excited it was almost time!!

But, you didn’t come! 2 days late in the pic below! I was tired from all of the 3 days worth of false contractions!


5 Days late I was induced! 3 and a half hours later and 2 mins of pushing, you were finally here! I could not have been happier!!! Weighing in at 8 lbs 13 and a half oz 20 1/2 in long! I was LATE people! Of course she was going to be big!

I had no idea I could love two kids so much in my entire life! I felt beyond blessed!


We got to bring you home and I did not want to put you down!

I love you so much my Belle Baby!

Daddy holding his precious baby girl!

Like a little angel!!

You and your big sister and your adorable feet!

She loved you from the day she met you………….

My sweet Amelie Belle!!!

Your personality comes out in this picture! Life of the party!

Today on your second Birthday!!!


I had to show the side angle! Those tiny little legs!!!

French Braids for a special day on a special little girl!



What a journey my little one! I ADORE EVERYTHING about you! I thank the Lord for giving me such a special and amazing gift to take care of! I am honored and privileged to be your mama!! I love you sweet girl! Happy Birthday!!!

And We all Lived Happily Ever After…….After Averi’s Birthday Party!!!

Tangled Party!!!!!

Averi wanted a Tangled Birthday Party for her 4th Birthday! So I had sooooo much fun planning a fun party!!! It looked like this:

~Living room- Photo booth and props! (photo booth made by Rocky’s Dad, Props made by Rocky Sister Tredessa!!) Pictures done by our good Friend Zac Anderson!!

-Table with decorations done by my Mom and I along with Pascel the cake made by Rocky’s Dad and cupcakes and tower made by Rocky’s Mom! My Mom and sister brought the black pans and it was my idea to put the cupcakes on the pans! (If you have not seen the Disney Tangled Movie, the frying pans are used many times by Rapunzel to protect herself against Flynn Rider!)

-In the kitchen is where all of the food and drinks were made by My Mom, and two sisters Carli and Jessica!

-In the girls room is where they played “Pin the nose on Flynn Rider” Made by my sister in law Stormie, also one of Rocky’s sisters!

- In Rocky and I’s room we had made our bed into the boat with lanterns hung above lite up for story and trivia time from Tangled!!

-Posters of  Wanted Flynn Rider all over the house done by Stormie!

-Banners like the ones in the movie done by my Mom and I!!

So here is how all of this looked!!!


  • american girl doll 004
  • american girl doll 005
  • american girl doll 022
  • american girl doll 313
  • american girl doll 027
  • american girl doll 035
  • american girl doll 054
  • american girl doll 058
  • american girl doll 073
  • american girl doll 092
  • american girl doll 115
  • american girl doll 143
  • american girl doll 168
  • american girl doll 176
  • american girl doll 201
  • american girl doll 238
  • american girl doll 243
  • american girl doll 298
  • american girl doll 306
  • american girl doll 307
  • american girl doll 308
  • american girl doll 310
  • american girl doll 311
  • american girl doll 894
  • american girl doll 860
  • american girl doll 861
  • american girl doll 862
  • american girl doll 881
  • american girl doll 887
  • american girl doll 894
  • american girl doll 097
  • american girl doll 072
  • american girl doll 073
  • american girl doll 075
  • american girl doll 076
  • american girl doll 077
  • american girl doll 078
  • american girl doll 079
  • american girl doll 080
  • american girl doll 081
  • american girl doll 082
  • american girl doll 083
  • american girl doll 090
  • american girl doll 092
  • american girl doll 094
  • american girl doll 096